English at Alpha:

  • Humanities 8
  • English 9
  • English 10:  Focused Literary Studies with the choice of the following strands:  Composition, Creative Writing, New Media or Spoken Word
  • English 11:  choice of FLS, Composition, Creative Writing, New Media, or Spoken Word
  • English 12

Honours Program:  Enriched English Studies!

  • Humanities 8H (Discovery)
  • English 9H
  • English 10H Seminar
  • English 11H (Focused Literary Studies) /English Literature 12
  • English Literature & Composition AP (AP exam optional)

English Electives:  (available to students in grades 11-12)

  • Film Studies 11 

In this introduction to visual storytelling, students will explore a variety of film genres and styles.  As movies are visual narratives, they can be “read” or interpreted like novels, plays and poems; therefore, this course will be conducted much like an English class, with many of the same goals: to develop an appreciation of artistic expression, to hone analytical and critical thinking skills, and to articulately express thoughts and ideas.

  • English Literature 12

English Literature 12 offers senior students the opportunity to examine and appreciate the rich literary heritage of English speaking peoples. Reading widely is an important factor for an educated mind. By reading works that are sophisticated in thought and style, English Literature 12 students strengthen their aesthetic appreciation and critical judgement. The curriculum covers selections from the Western Canon for each of the following periods:  Middle Ages, Renaissance, Restoration, Romantic Age and Victorian Age.  This course seeks to view literature in the context of history, politics and philosophy, and shows the progress of ideas in western civilization.

  • Writing 12

This creative writing course offers students the opportunity to practice and improve their skills in writing poetry, short fiction, and personal essays/opinion pieces. Students will model writing styles of distinctive and successful writers, and also develop their own voices. Students should be prepared to revise their work substantially. The nature of the course requires that students have strong grammatical skills.


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